Wine Tasting: Part Two

J. Lohr Vineyard

Of all the people we encountered in Paso Robles there was one that stood out above the rest. She was one of the lovely sommeliers who poured samples for us at the J. Lohr vineyard. Actually, she may not have been a full-blown sommelier but rather a wine expert. But isn’t “sommelier” fun to say? Go ahead. Say it.

Okay focus. So this person was such an expert conversationalist that we ended up standing and talking to her for quite a while. And she only served us, never stepping away to help another guest. I think the infatuation was mutual.

We swapped stories and dropped lots of knowledge, including but not limited to – travel tips, ghost stories, family history, work/life balance, and so on. But the most fitting fact exchanged was the origin of the word “hangover.”

Do you know why we say we get hungover?

We learned (from our new favorite wine expert) that in olden days when unfortunate souls were sent to the gallows, the spectators would actually go to the hanging as a form of entertainment and celebration. Often times, the audience would imbibe quite a bit during the festivities so that the next day they still felt the pain of the night before. And thus, the lasting effect of watching a hanging would leave you feeling hungover. Get it?

Slightly morbid, but I certainly feel like death when I’m stuck with a hangover.



shoes – Sperry Top-Sider @ East Dane
jacket – H&M
joggers – similar @ East Dane

J. Lohr Vineyard 2

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