Wine Tasting: Part One


Something funny occurred to me this weekend while I was up in Paso Robles for a wine tasting getaway. Have you guys been wine tasting? For those who haven’t, and forgive the first world elitist undertones of this, the basic premise is that you try 5 or so different wines at each winery you visit. Each pour is maybe 3 sips.

For the wines you don’t like, you’re not committed to a full glass so after a sip or two you move on; No worse for the wear. For the ones you really like, you’re left wanting more! Those few sips just aren’t enough. You probably end up buying a bottle or two of those wines you like because, ultimately, wine tasting also leads to drunk shopping.



In any event, I realized at one point during the weekend that the exact same relationship you have with the wine flights mirrors the interaction you have with the person pouring. You have a very short, sample-size relationship with this person. You go through the typical cordial topics of conversation – weather, TV, hometowns. And for the most part all of these people, just like the wine, are agreeable and pleasant. But once in a while you meet someone who is so interesting and dynamic that you’re left wanting more! That sample size relationship isn’t enough. You want to get to know this person. Like really get to know them. Take them to dinner and share your hopes and dreams.

You want to buy a full bottle.

Alas, you can’t take those people home… I mean I guess you could but that’s an adventure for another time. I just went home with a few cases of wine.



shoes – Sperry Top-Sider @ East Dane
blazer – H&M
joggers – similar @ East Dane


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