Wanted: Wanderlust

You guys – I am in dire need of some travel ideas. I made the mistake of spending Memorial Day in Los Angeles thinking it would be a nice way to enjoy some downtime and take it easy. I thought it would be relaxing!

I was wrong.

I did spend some lovely time with friends (which can never be taken for granted), but I came out of the weekend feeling like I had squandered found time with a lack of agenda. I spent one entire day watching TV and ordering takeout. From daybreak to sunset.

That’s not okay!

I need to plan another getaway – probably a long weekend. Something like 4 days. Somewhere within a half a day’s travel (by land, air, or sea). But I need to make an escape. ASAP.

Who has ideas??

The Essentials:
white sneaks
dark denim
tie – Bows ’N Ties
tie bar – Bows ‘N Ties

End of May 5

End of May 6

End of May 7

End of May 2

End of May 1

End of May 4

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