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Vodka Flowers

vodka flowers

Have you been keeping up with your Manly Flowers?  Don’t forget that it’s those little details (like having fresh flowers) that set you apart from all the other folks stumbling through life satisfied with microwave dinners and ill-fitting t-shirts.

You’re better than that.  You plan ahead.  You like coming home to something nice.  You prefer style over the mundane.  And that’s why I like you.

Here’s a little tip for getting the most out of those bro-tastic blooms you so diligently procure.  Throwing a splash of vodka and a pinch of sugar into the water will make your flowers last longer than just plain tap water.  It’s the same idea as those little packs of chemicals you sometimes get taped into the plastic wrap.  By killing the bacteria that grows in the water your flowers get some staying power.

What’s that you say?  You don’t want to “waste” a shot of vodka?  Well then I may need to organize a little gathering with some of your closest friends to sit down and have a totally normal, impromptu “chat” – followed by a great getaway!




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