Turning Point

Katin Spring

As some of you know, one of my best friends moved away from LA recently. As happy as I am for her and her new adventure in Atlanta, it was certainly jarring to bid adieu to someone I hold so near and dear.

I realized, though, that our going away festivities for her were such a turning point. We decided to meet at another friend’s place nearby instead of bar hopping.

That living room full of people, laughing, drinking and loving each other, was the most meaningful and satisfying night I’ve had in a long time.

Katin Spring 2

Forget the lines, covers, bouncers, spilled drinks and deafening music so readily associated with “going out.” Staying in is SO much more fun when the people you’re with are such gems. Maybe it’s adulthood finally setting in, or maybe it’s the realization that a night out is the same endless, empty experience repeating itself – but I’m over it.

I choose quality.

Katin Spring 4

For our “last hurrah” weekend, I wore these new Katin joggers non-stop. They’re my new faves – and there isn’t a sassy club bouncer around who could have kept me from rocking them last Saturday night.

The Essentials:
joggers – Katin
slip-ons – Sperry Top-Sider
sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Katin Spring 3

Katin Spring 5

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