“True Colors” Pt. 3

True Color 2_seat

True Color 2_seat

Wedding season is upon us so in my world that means nonessential purchases are on hold until I can pay for the gifts, flights, debauchery, etc.  Luckily looking good at wedding festivities isn’t an option – it’s a requirement.  What friend wants you in all their photos wearing that suit from high school that sort of still fits?  So it’s decided; Wardrobe updates are essential wedding season expenditures.

There are quite a few stages of wedding season (bachelor / bachelorette, bridal shower, ceremony, reception, etc.) but today I’m focusing on the rehearsal dinner.

This is the time (while nerves are high and drinks are flowing) to spice up the celebration with some conversation starters – take these pants for instance.  Some punchy red pants will get ’em talking.  Pair them with understated neutrals like a light blue button-down and a dark bow-tie.

Just make sure that bold choices like these happen during the rehearsal dinner.  All eyes should be on the bride and groom during their big day.


True Color 2_full2

True Color 2_half

pants – H&M

bow-tie – Asos (inexpensive option); Asos (pricey option)

saddle shoe – similar; similar

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