To The Water

A few weekends back I was up at my mom’s place in Big Bear, a small town in the mountains about 2 hours outside of LA, and went to take some photos near the lake. I don’t know about you but being near a large body of water always makes me introspective.

When I was in high school and first got my driver’s license I would test the limits of my newfound independence. I’d take off after school and drive an hour or more across town in traffic to go to the beach. I would park, walk barefoot in the sand, and plop down in front of the waves. I’d then call my mom to tell her I was safe (I wasn’t a maniac) and sit and watch the horizon.

What is it about that view that makes every other tribulation in life seem insignificant?

I don’t know but it always makes me see the big picture.

Okay. Diary entry over. Carry on.


Dockside 1

Dockside 4

Dockside 3

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