To Infinity and Beyond

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I’m caught up in a very difficult geographical identity crisis. Ever since high school, I knew that I didn’t entirely belong in Los Angeles. It’s always been home, and I love it dearly, but my heart is always wandering, yearning for another. After spending my college years in Boston, I’m sure that I will never feel completely at home on either coast. My soul is as much in love with the golden state as it is with the charm of the northeast.

This love triangle is only heightened when the seasons change… or at least when they should change. While my Boston and New York brethren get to don winter layers, I’m lucky if I get the chance to wrap a scarf around my neck. And even then I probably get skeptical looks for trying to wear winter accessories while it’s a biting 70 degrees outside.

Oh well. I’ll take what I can get.

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Here’s to my east coasters and their winter wardrobes – enjoy those scarves for me!



infinity scarf – Elizabeth Koh info / shop
sunglasses – Classic Specs
pocket square – Bows & Ties
jacket – H&M
jeans – Uniqlo
bracelet – Miansai via East Dane

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