Time is a funny thing.  It’s often difficult to remember just how precious and limited it is; it’s usually only when faced with a big life event or a loss that we remember to take stock.  There are so few minutes, hours, days, years in our lifetime…

Average life expectancy in the United States today is around 76 years.

That’s only 76 times blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.

Only 76 times to ring in the New Year.

Only 76 autumns to watch the leaves change.

I guess my point is – take this chance, right now as you read these words, to pause and reflect.  Appreciate the short amount of time you have in this world.  A good friend of mine just lost her father and one way that I’m processing the news is to think about all the people who enrich my life.  For making me smile and filling my life with love, I value each of them and what they bring, or have brought, to my journey thus far.

I’ve read that acknowledging even just one thing every day that you are thankful for can actually make you a happier, more fulfilled person.  So who or what makes your life better?


PS – Call your mom / dad to tell them you love them.

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