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I’m happy to finally get these photos featuring CT Scuderia up on C&C.

I’ve been sitting on these for a few weeks for no reason other than I wasn’t sure what the story here was.

Then it hit me – I took these on the roof of a parking structure overlooking Santa Monica beach with the focus being on an incredibly beautiful CT Scuderia watch.

rooftop 3

rooftop 2

rooftop 9

And there were my very timely and relevant themes – time and perspective. I recently gave a good friend some advice as she navigates that difficult post-breakup period. My advice to her was to just let some time pass and get some distance from everything that happened.

Even though allowing yourself time and distance can be difficult, you’ll start to gain some clarity and get some better perspective.

rooftop 5

rooftop 11

rooftop 7

So that’s my advice for today.

Now if only I were clever enough to follow my own advice…


watch – CT Scuderia Master Time

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rooftop 1

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    I think that you gave your friend really sound advice, and I think it is advice that everyone needs to hear when they’re going through a break up.

    I love how effortlessly stylish your outfit is, and how that sets the watch apart. It is a great look.


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      Jason Ander

      Thanks, Grant! Keep up the great work on your blog!

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