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Tide Pools

Sometimes I feel trapped. The world is just a little too small and all the same people seem to pop up in all the same bars. My routine at the gym is stale and even my same ol’ salad for lunch is snooze-worthy.

Sound familiar?

Enter – the travel bug.

Once it bites it’s like there’s a surge of inspiration to get out of your small pond and go explore the great big world. It’s almost as if, oh I don’t know, you’re a little clown fish trapped in a dull, familiar tide pool and all you want is to be thrust out into the world. But then you meet a cool turtle dude and an Ellen DeGeneres fish. Wait – I just confused the dad and the son. And my metaphor.

Oh well.

Get out of your tide pool and go explore.

And let me know if you meet Ellen. She’s a cool fish.


The Essentials:
Spenglish tee
Grey slim denim
Sperry Top-Siders
Classic Specs shades
David Yurman ring

Tide Pools 1

Tide Pools 8

Tide Pools 3

Tide Pools 2

Tide Pools 5

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