Book Club

The Fifth Wave

I started a new book over the weekend that I think you guys will like.

Do you like The Hunger Games?

Yeah, me too.

Do you like Independence Day and War of the Worlds?

Yeah, I know. Duh. Me too.

Well I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and basically anything involving monsters or aliens or big-budget movie adaptations will likely catch my attention. A couple of months ago I saw a trailer for The Martian and thought it was the coolest thing since… Gravity or Interstellar. I bought the book right away so I could get into it before seeing the movie. And lo and behold I loved both! Such a great story and brilliantly adapted to the big screen.

I have similar hopes for The Fifth Wave. It’s like The Hunger Games in that there’s a strong female protagonist who is basically set on revenge and kicking some alien ass. On top of that, it has the nonstop action of an extraterrestrial invasion of Earth followed by massive population decimation.

Check it out before the movie comes out :)


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