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The 48 Laws of Power

Y’all are fans of House of Cards, right? Yes! I know. It’s so good.

Okay. Glad we’re on the same page.

Well I recently binged on the entire 3 seasons and would honestly watch like 5 episodes in a sitting. I know! I was obsessed.

The power dynamics and intricate strategic moves in Francis Underwood’s world kept me on the edge of my seat. So much so, in fact, that I was thirsty for more of that type of action after I watched all of the episodes Netflix had to offer.

My search for more led me to an Amazon book search – and behold: The 48 Laws of Power. Robert Greene actually has several books on the likes of Mastery and Seduction… but what I love about these is that you can read them as if Francis Underwood is speaking to you directly. I read them in his voice (like during one of his straight-to-camera monologues) as if he was educating me on how to use historical lessons and political precedent to get what you want.

It’s so good!

So if you feel like reading Francis Underwood’s “how to” guide – pick up one (or a few) of these books. It should hold you over until season 4 rolls around.



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