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So what was everyone thankful for yesterday? My family tradition is to go around the table and let everyone share what they’re thankful for this year. Although it’s a good habit to express gratitude on a regular basis, I am especially thankful this season for my friends and family.

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I got to spend turkey day with my mom and some great friends and I hope I never take for granted the impact such people can have on your life. I’m so fortunate and delighted to spend time with them.

Seeing as this is my blog, though, I would also be remiss to not thank all of the wonderful apparel partners I’ve met over the past few months. Speaking of which, how awesome is this pseudo-camouflage shirt? I love it. Be sure to check out Ambig for some sweet Cyber Monday deals.

Ambig Clothing 1

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Thankfully yours,


shirt – Ambig
belt – Asos
shoes – Zara
sunglasses – Woodzee (check out the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales!)

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PS – Speaking of deals, if you sign up for VIP status from Bucketfeet you’ll receive 50% off $100+ orders. Sign up here. VIP members will receive a special code that is good for shopping Black Friday through Cyber Monday. This is an exclusive opportunity to receive the employee discount!

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