Classy Sh*t Grooming

Fulton & Roark

Are you an expert traveler? Like what level are you? Ninja level? Supreme Aficionado level? Let me ask you this – if you were a backpacker, what’s one of the most important things to consider? Yes! Dead weight! When it comes to hauling your stuff around with you, whether it’s an inflight carry-on or a mountaineers pack, the less weight you’re hauling the better. On top of that,…


Chicago Grunge

One more post from my weekend in Chicago – This time with something that you might be seeing a lot of recently.  When I was little we would tie shirts or sweatshirts around our waist all the time.  It was purely practical and very 90s.  Well history’s repeating and style is cyclical so guess what’s back :) It might feel weird but give it a try if you’re feeling nostalgic or even…

Classy Sh*t

“Napa” Pt. 1

Long weekends are the absolute best.  I’m always a fan of getting out of town for a breather and this past weekend I was able to escape to San Francisco with some good friends. We kept it classy in Napa during a long day of wine tasting.  I’m looking forward to posting some awesome new finds soon (day drinking + shopping = score) but in the meantime wanted…