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Where Have I Been?

Good question! It’s been an incredible start to 2016. I do this blog as a fun, creative outlet so from time to time I need to step away to focus on other life stuff. For instance… 9-5 I manage advertising solutions at Hulu by day (hi, work friends!) and the past few weeks have been insane-o drano. Long days and longer nights – and weekend duty. But that’s…


Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: Everyday Essential

Leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute? Me too! Great minds :) But also – I’ve barely had time to brush my teeth these past few weeks. Who has the time to shop for thoughtful gifts to bestow on all your loved ones?? (Before we move on – don’t worry, I always find time to brush my teeth.) An easy ‘go to’ gift for every guy is…

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My Issue With Statement Sweaters

I’m still riding the high of a nice long vacation but now that I’m back stateside I’ve had a chance to appreciate the adventure with a little perspective. We live in a crazy world and there’s plenty of heartbreak in the headlines on a daily, nay, hourly basis. I don’t know what tomorrow might bring but today I’m doing what makes me happy – which includes some travel…


Good Lookin’ Out: Götti Giveaway!

It’s the holidays and I am feeling EXTRA generous – so I’m doing a giveaway! Actually – Götti Switzerland eyewear is feeling generous and I get to share the love :) If you want a sweet pair of these sunglasses then check out my IG @ChampagneJason for some easy entry criteria. The winner is selected Friday, 12/17 at midnight so throw your hat in the ring! And feel…

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Flippin’ Your Fins You Don’t Get Too Far

Legs are required for jumping, dancing Strolling along down a … What’s that word again? Streeeeeeet AKA – use those legs and get out there :) I wanted to expand on a thought I mentioned in an earlier post. And let me preface this with a total acknowledgment that nobody is made of money and we all have responsibilities at home / work that keep us tethered to…