Heat Stroke

Ugh, you guys, isn’t the end of the summer sort of the worst? I mean it’s great because it’s warm and we can do stuff after work while it’s still light out blah blah blah BUT IT’S SO HOT. Like stupid hot. I don’t want to wear shorts and t-shirts anymore. I want to wear layers and jackets and pants. Soon enough, I guess. Until then, I’m trying…


Back to the Light

Daylight savings time is coming up this weekend! I love when “spring ahead” kicks in and you have so much more sunshine to soak up. The days of getting home in the pitch-black are over and you feel like there’s so much more time to LIVE. No longer will you come home just to scrounge for dinner and flip on the TV. There’s still so much day left!…


Investing in Nothing

People work incredibly hard just to save up enough free time so that they can do what with it? Nothing. We bust our buns all week running from meeting to meeting. We squeeze in the gym during the wee hours of the morning or run to Soul Cycle after work before grabbing a quick dinner with friends. We try to get our errands done first thing Sunday morning…


Wine Tasting: Part One

Something funny occurred to me this weekend while I was up in Paso Robles for a wine tasting getaway. Have you guys been wine tasting? For those who haven’t, and forgive the first world elitist undertones of this, the basic premise is that you try 5 or so different wines at each winery you visit. Each pour is maybe 3 sips. For the wines you don’t like, you’re…


Brunch, Bubbly, Bestie

One of my best friends, Sarah, is moving away from LA in a few weeks so I’m in a bit of denial. She’s one of those people who is easy to talk to, laughs at the same things I laugh at, and is up for anything. We could sit on the couch all day, drinking wine and talking like 12 year old girls at a sleepover, without realizing…