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Like Kanye Loves Kanye

camel 22

Say what you will about his tirades and life choices, but there’s a reason why Kanye is such a tastemaker.

Dude’s got some style savvy.

His past two Yeezy collections have been brilliant and “season 3” is no different.

Did I just call Yeezy’s baggy sweatshirts and borderline hobo-chic aesthetic BRILLIANT??

I did.

And here’s why: It’s simple. He has a neutral color palette with lots of monochromatic combinations. Putting things together is a no brainer. There’s no fuss. It’s classic American sportswear with a high fashion undertone without coming off as pretentious or overly stylized.

You’re going to beg to differ with me about that pretentious point when you see the price tags for torn up ribbed sweaters and basic hoodies.

But what I mean is that you can essentially pull these looks off without actually shelling out the dough. Update your color palate, try some monochromatic looks, and you’ll look like you just walked off the runway… but without dealing with the insane rules Kanye imposes on his models.

Go for camel, army green, grey, beige.

Go for slouchy fit tops.

Go for monochromatic.


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Psychology of Color

Monochrome 3

I’ve always loved the psychology of color; the notion that what you wear influences how others perceive you.

I’m in a grey phase so I scoured the interwebs to try and find a consensus on grey. The meaning of grey. What grey says about me.

Unfortunately, that is impossible. The online expanse of humanity’s knowledge returned literally every possible interpretation of grey.

I’m reserved. I’m outgoing.

I’m confident. I’m neutral.

I’m settled. I’m aloof.

So I guess ultimately even the psychology of color boils down to how do you want the clothes you wear to define you?

You want your monochrome grey getup to portray confidence? Then raise your head and smile.

You want it to exude class? Be a classy motherfucker.

Don’t let your clothes / colors wear you.

The clothes don’t make the man. Wear whatever you want as long as it makes you feel good.


The Essentials:
tee: similar Asos
denim: similar Asos
belt: Mission Belt Co.
shoes: similar Cole Haan
shades: similar Warby Parker

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