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Surf’s Up

The constant swells rolling in along Oahu’s north shore provide the perfect stage for some of Hawaii’s best performers – the local surfers. These folks are masters of their craft and it was insane to sit on an ancient lava flow watching them catch wave after wave. I have a deep respect for anyone who can look so agile and adept on those gnarly waves. The beads I’m…

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The LBD… For Dudes

You know how girls have the LBD? The little black dress? Well you do now! Don’t say I never taught you anything! It’s like their go-to. No matter what’s on the agenda they can throw it on and look polished. Well we don’t have it quite that simple, but enter: the black polo shirt. Not a 1:1 comparison, but guys – I would highly recommend having at least…

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Tide Pools

Sometimes I feel trapped. The world is just a little too small and all the same people seem to pop up in all the same bars. My routine at the gym is stale and even my same ol’ salad for lunch is snooze-worthy. Sound familiar? Enter – the travel bug. Once it bites it’s like there’s a surge of inspiration to get out of your small pond and…

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Hike Hike Hike

Did you read that title in a Rihanna voice, but instead of singing “cake, cake, cake,” you sang “hike, hike, hike”? No? Just me? Hmm. One of my favorite things to do on vacation, especially somewhere like Hawaii, is to go on a hike. You have the chance to commune with nature, to get a solid workout, and to save a buck on a sightseeing adventure. We found…


Kim Kardashian’s Shopping Fish?

What’s been the best birthday you’ve ever had? I’ve had some super rad birthdays but this past one definitely tops the list. We started the day with a hike and then came in to Honolulu for shopping at Ala Moana, the largest open-air shopping complex in the world. It’s there that I learned that in all my years on this planet I have developed quite the knack for…