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No More Mean Muggin’

eye bags 1

I swear I’m not a cynic. I like long walks on the beach and babies who giggle and happy endings in movies. But at this point in my life I think I’ve been around the block enough times to distinguish between optimism and fantasy.

For example, I totally applaud all of the fitness fanatics that are reborn every January. But the realist in me knows that their “new year, new you” intentions will soon fade.

Is that an asshole-y thing to think??

It’s not that I doubt their desire to improve. I applaud that! I just think it’s funny that the gym is PACKED in January but when the month closes out… I can finally find room at the squat rack.

So here’s hoping that 2016 is different and all those renewed fitness goals have some longevity.

But for those of you among us (like me) who also enjoy some attainable and easy new year makeover goals – how about givin’ that mug of yours some love!

I loooooove love love laugh lines and crows feet. I think they show the world that you live a life of laughter and contentment. But let’s not take it too far and end up looking like the Marlboro man!

I snagged these cool firming eye gels on Amazon and they’re fantastic to throw on after a long day at work. After about 10 minutes I definitely notice those little lines and dark bags under my eyes fading into a firmer, tighter situation.

This isn’t an endorsed post – just me sharing a little tip from me to you ;)


eye bags 4

eye bags 6

eye bags 3

eye bags 2

Foggy Day in Big Bear Town



So who’s in the mood for some spring trend coverage. I am!

1. I’m all about the big, bold patterns these days – the more floral the better. Just make sure it’s a shirt with a modern cut.
2. White sneakers. It’s time to buy them.

Okay there you have it! Haha. How easy is that? You’ll look perfectly in tune with the season when you get those staples down.

This is where I would cut to Miranda Priestly saying, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”

The Essentials:
Floral shirt by Naked & Famous
Jacket by Scotch & Soda
Sneaks by K-SWISS







The LBD… For Dudes


You know how girls have the LBD? The little black dress? Well you do now! Don’t say I never taught you anything! It’s like their go-to. No matter what’s on the agenda they can throw it on and look polished.

Well we don’t have it quite that simple, but enter: the black polo shirt.

Not a 1:1 comparison, but guys – I would highly recommend having at least one or two black polos in your rotation. They’re practical for a wide range of occasions, from casual to semi-formal, and it’s pretty hard to mess up a polo.

Lacoste and Ralph Lauren are obviously great choices but really you can’t go wrong.

And if you ever, oh I don’t know, find yourself wandering the beach at sunset… just think of me and my sage advice, okay? The LBD for dudes. It’s a thing. It’ll catch on.


The Essentials:
Lacoste Polo
Jorts (because nothing goes better with a classy black polo than jorts, right??)
Sebago Boat Shoes








First Impressions


I teamed up with the beautiful ladies of Cocoa Lifestyle, a site focused on fashion, culture and style, to collaborate on a topic that’s relevant to everyone: job interviews!

We’ve all been there. Walking into a room of strangers who are going to judge everything about you in order to determine if you’re a viable fit for a job can be incredibly intimidating. A job interview is the ultimate first impression. You need to convey experience, confidence and overall appeal in a pretty brief timeframe. Make the most of your first impression (something you should never underestimate) by making the right attire and grooming choices.

I’ve got you guys covered with some helpful tips and, ladies, head on over to Cocoa Lifestyle where the stylish sisters – Mariela, Karina, and Amira – have some parallel tips on putting your best foot forward.

I should add – I’m not currently interviewing. I love my job and am fulfilled in the career I’ve chosen. I do, however, interview a lot of folks and there have been some instances when I wish I could have given candidates some advice. So here it goes –

Job Interview Look 1

Get a haircut! Nobody wants to hire a shaggy shlub who doesn’t have basic grooming figured out. Get a trim a week before your interview so that you have enough time to adjust to your new cut and get past the first couple of awkward “new haircut” days. Make sure, no matter the cut, that your hair doesn’t touch the collar of your jacket. I would recommend a shorter cut on the sides and back to keep it looking clean and trim.

Also, shave! No matter how studly you look with stubble, a job interview is a place to look professional and put together. No matter the job, show them that you care enough to shave.

Get a suit. And get it tailored.

It might sound simple, but for us guys it’s as easy as that! A jacket needs to be taken in so that you get that ideal V shape. Your pants will also likely need to be altered a bit. Invest in this tailoring, I beg of you. There is nothing sadder than an ill-fitting suit.

I would also recommend picking a navy blue or grey suit. Nothing against black, but it can come off as stiff or formal. Navy or grey are a little more appropriate for a daytime interview where you’re trying to make a personal connection with someone. You’re not going to a funeral; you’re trying to portray the most desirable, approachable, hirable version of yourself.

And finally, pick a shirt / tie combo that isn’t too loud. You want them to focus on your face and what you’re saying. A loud tie might be a conversation starter but you don’t need a distraction in the room. You should be the star of the show, not your tie.

Job Interview Look 2

There you have it! The only other thing I would say is to prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more. Know the people you’ll be speaking with (put that social media stalking to use) and know what the company does! If the interviewer asks you what your favorite product / launch / “thing” is that they do, have something to say! Oh, and don’t forget to have a list of questions for your interviewers. Your interviewer will ask you if you have any questions for them and it’s very impressive to have some thoughtful questions prepared.

I could go on for days, but hopefully these tips help :)
Happy job hunting!


The Essentials:
Tie – Bows ‘N Ties
Shoes – wingtips
Sunglasses – aviators

Wine Tasting: Part Two

J. Lohr Vineyard

Of all the people we encountered in Paso Robles there was one that stood out above the rest. She was one of the lovely sommeliers who poured samples for us at the J. Lohr vineyard. Actually, she may not have been a full-blown sommelier but rather a wine expert. But isn’t “sommelier” fun to say? Go ahead. Say it.

Okay focus. So this person was such an expert conversationalist that we ended up standing and talking to her for quite a while. And she only served us, never stepping away to help another guest. I think the infatuation was mutual.

We swapped stories and dropped lots of knowledge, including but not limited to – travel tips, ghost stories, family history, work/life balance, and so on. But the most fitting fact exchanged was the origin of the word “hangover.”

Do you know why we say we get hungover?

We learned (from our new favorite wine expert) that in olden days when unfortunate souls were sent to the gallows, the spectators would actually go to the hanging as a form of entertainment and celebration. Often times, the audience would imbibe quite a bit during the festivities so that the next day they still felt the pain of the night before. And thus, the lasting effect of watching a hanging would leave you feeling hungover. Get it?

Slightly morbid, but I certainly feel like death when I’m stuck with a hangover.



shoes – Sperry Top-Sider @ East Dane
jacket – H&M
joggers – similar @ East Dane

J. Lohr Vineyard 2

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