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No More Mean Muggin’

I swear I’m not a cynic. I like long walks on the beach and babies who giggle and happy endings in movies. But at this point in my life I think I’ve been around the block enough times to distinguish between optimism and fantasy. For example, I totally applaud all of the fitness fanatics that are reborn every January. But the realist in me knows that their “new…

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Foggy Day in Big Bear Town

So who’s in the mood for some spring trend coverage. I am! 1. I’m all about the big, bold patterns these days – the more floral the better. Just make sure it’s a shirt with a modern cut. 2. White sneakers. It’s time to buy them. Okay there you have it! Haha. How easy is that? You’ll look perfectly in tune with the season when you get those…

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The LBD… For Dudes

You know how girls have the LBD? The little black dress? Well you do now! Don’t say I never taught you anything! It’s like their go-to. No matter what’s on the agenda they can throw it on and look polished. Well we don’t have it quite that simple, but enter: the black polo shirt. Not a 1:1 comparison, but guys – I would highly recommend having at least…


First Impressions

I teamed up with the beautiful ladies of Cocoa Lifestyle, a site focused on fashion, culture and style, to collaborate on a topic that’s relevant to everyone: job interviews! We’ve all been there. Walking into a room of strangers who are going to judge everything about you in order to determine if you’re a viable fit for a job can be incredibly intimidating. A job interview is the…


Wine Tasting: Part Two

Of all the people we encountered in Paso Robles there was one that stood out above the rest. She was one of the lovely sommeliers who poured samples for us at the J. Lohr vineyard. Actually, she may not have been a full-blown sommelier but rather a wine expert. But isn’t “sommelier” fun to say? Go ahead. Say it. So-mel-yay. Okay focus. So this person was such an…