East Dane



As I sit here on the back porch, writing what pretty much amounts to a public diary entry, I’m incredibly grateful for the freedom to be me. In the not too distant past, our ancestors risked their lives for basic rights that we don’t think twice about today. Only a few generations ago you might be hunted down for speaking your mind. Religion, gender, race – all of…


Fear Not

It’s the summer of tropical prints (if you haven’t noticed yet) and that means I needed some ties that fit the bill. I was out shooting around Venice and Marina Del Rey over the weekend with a buddy of mine and the marina-adjacent backdrop was pretty much the perfect time to don my super loud Hawaiian print tie. I don’t wear ties to work on a daily basis…


Aloha Summer

I am all about the Hawaiian print these days. It’s everywhere. But the best part about this pattern’s resurgence is that it’s an easy one to adopt into your wardrobe without making any big investments. Pick up pieces like tank tops, shorts, belts, etc. which are on the inexpensive side and you’ll look current without overdoing it. Just avoid the Hawaiian print shirts from yesteryear… Today’s versions highlight…


Countdown to Father’s Day: Gift Guide pt. 4

Countdown to Father’s Day: Gift Guide pt. 4 Day 4 of my week-long gift guide and today I’m bringing it home. Literally, these are a few options for your dad to add some class / relaxation / design elements to his surroundings at home – because a man’s home is his castle. 1- You could go for something practical like a clock with options ranging from utilitarian to…


San Francisco Got Me Like <3

No matter how long I’m in San Francisco it’s never enough! I’ve always had a soft spot for the city by the bay. It’s where my parents fell in love. It’s where I’ve had countless weekend getaways, wine tasting trips, indulgent brunches and shopping excursions, etc. My mom even used to sing “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding to me when I was a…