San Francisco Got Me Like <3

No matter how long I’m in San Francisco it’s never enough! I’ve always had a soft spot for the city by the bay. It’s where my parents fell in love. It’s where I’ve had countless weekend getaways, wine tasting trips, indulgent brunches and shopping excursions, etc. My mom even used to sing “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding to me when I was a…


Wanted: Wanderlust

You guys – I am in dire need of some travel ideas. I made the mistake of spending Memorial Day in Los Angeles thinking it would be a nice way to enjoy some downtime and take it easy. I thought it would be relaxing! I was wrong. I did spend some lovely time with friends (which can never be taken for granted), but I came out of the…

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Coachella Day Two

Day Two down. My poor feet. Converse are great, and I don’t think any shoes would be super comfortable after 10 hours on your feet, but yikes. Luckily, distractions abound at the Empire Polo Club grounds. The Good: You can feel that people are at Coachella to love and let loose. Sure, there are some drunk idiots who will run into you without even realizing that their full…


Spring Equinox

[Editor’s Note] – This post was supposed to go live 3/20 (the actual spring equinox) but I was stranded in New York and then Washington DC due to snow. Ironnyyyyyyyy. Today’s the first day of Spring! The Spring Equinox! So shake off that winter stupor, stretch your legs, and get outside! It’s time to find your soccer ball, dust off your tennis racket, oil up your bike gears……


When the Stars Align

Okay ignore the fact that my post title inspiration is blatantly pulled from my star-laden sweatshirt. I happened to wear it in order to tout mixing dressy with casual. Why not wear a sweatshirt with spiffy patent leather dress shoes? Mix it up. Do what you want. No. The real reason I chose the title was because I’m pondering my life path. Again. I feel ridiculous even saying…