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Sweet Tatt

flash tatts 6

You know that feeling when you’ve left the house and have forgotten your phone? You feel naked and helpless and incomplete.

Well I get that same feeling when I forget to put on a watch or a bracelet. A naked wrist is a sad wrist.

I’ve recently also gotten that feeling when I go out on a Saturday night and I forgot to put on a tattoo.

What’s that?? Has Jason gone crazy? What the hell is he talking about?

flash tatts 1

flash tatts 3

You may roll your eyes or laugh but I really enjoy temporary tattoos. Think of them as just another “accessory” that you can put on for a night or a weekend.

I wouldn’t get a real tattoo anywhere that would show during a typical day at the office (despite how sweet they look). I’m also not really badass enough to do so… But I get to pretend I’m cool with a temp tatt.

flash tatts 5

flash tatts 4

Here are some cool options if you want to try one on for yourself – or go nuts and get a full sleeve! You can always wash ‘em off come Monday morning.


a little girly but some cool options in the pack

love these triangles

put a bird on it

i just love the poses this tattoo model is in – he should teach a master class


more arrows!

a chevron is always cool

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