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Surf’s Up

The constant swells rolling in along Oahu’s north shore provide the perfect stage for some of Hawaii’s best performers – the local surfers. These folks are masters of their craft and it was insane to sit on an ancient lava flow watching them catch wave after wave.

I have a deep respect for anyone who can look so agile and adept on those gnarly waves. The beads I’m wearing are actually a symbol of love and respect for Hawaiian heritage and culture.

So thanks for letting me watch your crazy skills, homies. Hang ten and surfs up, dudes!

Dammit. I can’t even sound cool trying out the lingo. I’ll stop. I promise.


The Essentials:
Black slim denim
Black slip-ons
Print tee
Kukui Nut Beads

Surf's Up 4

Surf's Up 2

Surf's Up 3

Surf's Up 9

Surf's Up 7

Surf's Up 10

Surf's Up 8

Surf's Up 6

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