Classy Sh*t Style

Summer Whites

While I’m on the subject of being ballsy with summer trends… let’s discuss all white.

You might think, “Don’t I look like a house painter? Or a nurse?”

A few tips to look your best and not like a total newb:

First, you might not completely get this from my pics but it’s important to go with tonal whites. You don’t want to wear all bright white everything because you will definitely look like a mental ward staffer. Wear an off-white with a bright white.

Second, do not wear white shoes. Go with grey or light brown. Something with texture like a suede desert boot.

Third, and most important, don’t make it perfect. Roll your cuff. Wear some weird jewelry. Half tuck your shirt in if you have a cool belt. You don’t want to look like someone who would freak out if you got some BBQ stains on your shirt or grass stains on your pants. That’s what bleach is for.



Summer Whites 1

Summer Whites 8

Summer Whites 5

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