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summer sleep

I don’t know about you but sleeping is one of my favorite things. What feeling is better than collapsing into your own bed? And what is more difficult than forcing yourself to leave that comfort in the morning?

I know. I ask the tough questions.

But what to do in the summer months when your otherwise heavenly sanctuary becomes a place of sweaty tossing and turning (In the sleepless-nights-of-summer way… not the special-someone-sleeping-over way. Get your mind out of the gutter!)

My summer sleep routine involves a couple of changes that ensure a solid night’s sleep no matter how hot or humid it might be:

summer sleep 5

~Ditch all the layers for a single light blanket or comforter! Think about it – you don’t wear multiple layers of clothing in the summer heat. You wear a t-shirt. So pick something equally light and breathable for bedtime

~I actually sleep without a sheet and just use a light, down, summer-weight comforter. It’s super breathable, crisp poplin cotton with super minimal goose down filling

~Check out my buddies at Parachute for some fresh summer bedding options

summer sleep 1

~Summer air can be heavy and stale

~I choose a candle for my bedroom that has a fresh scent that makes you want to close your eyes and smile

~Check out my friends at Alex and Ani. I love this gardenia + sweet citrus candle appropriately labeled “Hope | Tranquility | Stability”

summer sleep 2

~The most important thing I have going in my bedroom is simplicity

~I try to unpack right away after returning from a trip and keep my room clutter free (sometimes easier said than done)

~I also kept my entire bedroom white with clean / simple details; white linen curtains; minimalistic art on the walls; white candles / flowers. I find it relaxing to keep my bedroom free of wild colors, patterns or accessories

There you have it! My recipe for sweet slumbers even in this mid-summer heat.


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