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I don’t know why but the lack of socks on my blog has come up a lot. Like a lot, a lot.

Apparently some people are offended by my blatant disregard for socks.

Well, my little secret is that I almost always wear socks. But sometimes I don’t want to add extra bulk or insulation to my sensitive footsies. I happen to overheat easily so I like when my ankles can breathe.

No-show socks, therefore, are plentiful in my underwear drawer.

These bad boys don’t show… hence the ‘no-show’ name. How clever.

Your feet stay dry, stink-free, and you don’t feel like you’re wearing sleeping bags on your feet. I seriously have an aversion to bulky socks. Can you tell?

My tune will probably change when it gets colder, but luckily for those of us in LA that type of cold happens but once in a blue moon.



socks – Cole and Parker

Cole and Parker 2

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