Classy Sh*t

Smell Ya Later

Lacoste 1

Alright. It happens to everyone. You knew Valentine’s Day was coming up soon but then all of a sudden – BAM! It’s tomorrow!

Don’t fret – run out to your nearest department store and pick up one of these gems.

Lacoste 2

You can’t go wrong with an energetic cologne like Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge. Opening this vibrant red package on Valentine’s Day and pulling out the perfectly appointed bottle (that iconic polo inspiration perfectly evident) will certainly make him smile.

007 3

If your guy is anything like me, he’s seen every James Bond movie ever made. The recently released James Bond 007 fragrance is an awesome way to give him a scent inspired by Bond’s masculinity, charm and elegance. Since Bond recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, maybe a movie night and thematic gift would make him giddy.

007 4

Whatever scent your man wears, it’s probably your favorite. Because it’s on him. And nothing smells better than love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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