Sky’s Out Thighs Out

I was having a healthy debate with some friends at work the other day about the appropriate length of shorts on men. I guess I didn’t realize until recently that my shorts have been creeping up ever so slightly (in the in-seam region) over the past few years.

In high school it was insane to imagine shorts above the knee. So what did we get? A bunch of baggy, shapeless shorts that looked craptastic. A dark phase in menswear.

Thank the sweet baby Jesus for cyclical fashion and the return to shorter shorts. I hope we don’t go back any time soon.

I’m no longer in my ‘gym 6 days a week’ phase with a trainer (I was so proud of the leg muscles I built) but I applaud everyone who still suffers through leg day. Rock those mid-thigh shorts and show off the goods hahah.

Just keep in mind that you can look drastically different depending on what you wear up top. A tank top with shorty shorts might only fly at the beach. A polo shirt or button-down might work at brunch. Most importantly, do what feels right.




The essentials:
graphic tee
short shorts
white sneaks
watch – Daniel Wellington

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