Season of Giving

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Who’s getting excited for Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals? I’ve actually already taken care of all my holiday shopping. What?? I told you I like to be prepared! And I especially like giving gifts to people I really care about. Even if it’s a gag gift or the smallest little trinket, it warms my heart to see them smile.

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Soooo… that means that come Black Friday, I have the chance to buy myself a little something. Why not?? It’s important to treat yo’self :)

That reminds me of some advice someone special once gave to me. She said to always remember to consider your own needs in life. Sometimes you forget to factor in what’s best for you, but you’re the only person in the entire world who knows what you need. So listen to that little voice inside. Be caring and gentle toward yourself, just like you are to your closest friends. If that means getting some fro-yo, do it. If that means laughing at a cute puppy, do it. If that means calling your mom, do it. Stand up for yourself. Take care of yourself.

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PS – this rad shirt is from my friends at Ambig. They’re on the Cyber Monday bandwagon with 50% of their fall line with free shipping on orders of $50+. Check em out :)

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