summer heat

Summer heat in the desert is a force unto itself.  It forces you to slow down, get lost in a cool drink, and soak up some rays.  That’s just what I did in Palm Springs last weekend.

Although I was staunchly opposed to them recently, tanks are actually a great way to beat the heat.  It’s easy to go the route of a “sun’s out, gun’s out” broseph mentality but wear your tank with some humility and irony and you’re alright in my book.


shirt – H&M

shorts – similar

shoes – Keds (similar)

bracelet – similar

summer heat 2 summer heat 3

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    I’m a massive fan of tanks for the oppirtunity to show off (or admire) some arm, but curious as to its diversity for dress up/down. Thoughts?

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      Thanks for reading! I struggle to think of an occasion when a tank works for a dressed up look. To me, a tank is as casual as it gets. Feel free to prove me wrong, but dressing up means covering up – put away the gun show and bring the attention to your charm, not your physique. :) ~j

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