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Saturday Skincare


Who’s in need of some new skincare recommendations for some end of summer facial fun?

I have the hardest time staying on a good skincare routine during the week. Between work hours, afterwork sessions at the gym, finding time to walk my dog, etc. it’s just so hard to carve off those few extra minutes in the morning or before I fall into bed. So from Monday to Friday I pretty much stick to a gentle face wash in the shower and maaaaaybe some eye cream at night.

What’s nice about having some time to myself on the weekend is that I can take a look in the mirror and spend a few minutes giving my face some TLC.

I’m a fan of the at-home facial – which reminds me… I should do a little “how to” on that sometime. Note to self!

But what I wanted to share today was a few products that I’ve added to my medicine cabinet recently:


Perricone Brightening Eye Cream is awesome – I try to use it during the week if I can remember.

Jack Black Protein Booster Eye Rescue is also sweet – I use it before bed and even before going out.

Epicuren Glycolic Lotion Skin Peel – this one may sound scary, but I use it once in a while to literally cause my face to peel, revealing tighter, brighter skin. You need to use it sparingly because it’s basically acid that removes the uppermost layer of skin.





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