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I know this post might seem totally outside of your shopping universe and budget range – but let me explain. There are instances when a timeless, significant gift is not only appropriate, but completely amazing. Your father’s 50th birthday; Your first Christmas with your wife; Your brother’s graduation from business school, etc. Sometimes you want to show your loved one that they are so important to you and you’re proud to have him / her in your life.

For that reason, I have partnered with the good people at Swiss Wrist to put together some tips on how to tell a real Rolex from a fake. You would be surprised how affordable this seemingly unattainable watch can be when acquired from a reputable reseller like Swiss Wrist.

– How to Identify an Authentic Rolex –

Check the Caseback
Examine the caseback of your Rolex. Genuine Rolex watches never feature open casebacks. Most fake Rolexs often include clear or skeleton casebacks that reveal the watch’s mechanisms. Because Rolex watches do not need batteries the jewel movement are trade secrets.

Also inspect the caseback for designs and engravings as well. Real Rolex watches always feature smooth casebacks, while fake versions often feature engravings or assorted designs.

Inspect the Dial
Any authentic new or pre-owned Rolex features a crystal watch dial that includes a circular bubble for magnifying the date. Fake versions feature off-center bubbles made of glass that do little to magnify.

Hold your Rolex up to your ear. Does it make a ticking sound or any sounds? If so then it’s a fake! No real Rolex watch ticks or makes noise while it moves.

Check the Weight
Faux Rolex watches are usually quite lightweight. If a pre-owned Rolex is too light, it’s probably a fake. You can tell a high quality watch by its weight even if it is not a Rolex. High end watches tend to be heavy because of the quality of materials used.

Watch the Second Hand
Take a minute to observe the watch’s second hand. Does it glide or sweep over the watch face, or make jerky movements? If movement is jerky and uneven, the watch is not authentic. Rolex watches are known for their smooth movement. The second hand should glide over the numbers.

Examine the Watch Band
Unlike real Rolex watches, fake watches have hollow band links. These links are often held together with pins rather than quality screws. Also keep in mind that any real Rolex will not leak when underwater!

Look at the Logo
Check your watch for the Rolex crown logo, which is found below the 6 o’clock marker on the face. You’ll need a magnifying glass to find this tiny symbol, however it should feature a clean design free of rough edges. Fake Rolex logos always look poorly designed!

And there you have it. There will be a time when you’re going to make someone’s year with a gift like this. And now you know how to make it count :)


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