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Mondays for me are about a fresh start. No matter what debauchery or indulgences I may have delighted in between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, Monday is time to hit the reset button.

That means that I’m usually detoxing from the inside out with salads and smoothies to combat the booze and 3am buffalo chicken tenders and fries (with extra ranch). Why do I always need extra ranch?? Well because I’m no idiot… obviously.

But I also usually want some ‘outside in’ cleansing as well; thus, my Monday night ritual of a facial or at the very least a good face scrub.

I am all kinds of in love with this new green tea and rice deep cleansing treatment. It promises to scrub away dead surface cells (aka weekend regrets) and leave skin hydrated and revitalized while promoting healthy cell renewal. It’s basically the perfect Monday reset and relief for your face.

Thanks to for sending me this product to try. What end-of-weekend rituals do you practice?


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urth scrub Skin Solutions for Men: Green Tea & Rice Deep Cleansing Treatment

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