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Okay so I’ve been wanting to do a book club forever (who hasn’t, right?) but the guys of Yummertime have inspired me to step up. Check out their blog for some cool book club recos – and continue reading below for one of mine!

I love scary movies. Love love love. Not the gory slasher flicks but the ones that make you scream and jump out of your seat. Since Halloween is coming up, I’m picking my favorite recent reads that are creepy and awesome.

My pick for today is Station Eleven, a post-apocolyptic story around how fame and relationships continue after the end of the world (in this case after the collapse of society following a flu epidemic). I’m only halfway through right now but it’s definitely one of those books that is hard to put down. And with ebola constantly in the news the premise of the story is even more haunting.

If you need a book recommendation, pick this one up and I bet you’ll finish it before the weekend is over.



Champagne and Chivalry Book Club_October2014 2

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