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Read Me: November

Eleanor & Park 1

Okay I’m cheating a little with this one because I chose a book that was actually one of my favorite summer reads but hear me out. I’m recommending this now because it’s the perfect time to – My reco today is Eleanor & Park.

Now that Halloween is over and we’re heading into hardcore holiday season (and by hardcore I mean those holidays when all the warm fuzzies get stirred up), I thought Eleanor & Park would be the perfect way to downshift from scary into mushy.

This is a love story at it’s core, but with a healthy dose of family disfunction thrown in. Perfect for the holidays, right!?

It’s a super quick read that essentially follows two high school kids from different sides of the tracks as they fall for each other. It’s heartwarming, and a little heartbreaking, but definitely worth a read.

Let me know what you think!

PS – I am ecstatic to have some colder weather hit LA so I snuggled up in my Lost long sleeve tee to read (and obviously contort into a hundred different positions in my favorite chair). Check ‘em out for some comfy duds.


Eleanor & Park 2

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