The thing about raw denim is that you have to let go of your OCD, clean freak, perfectionist nature to really enjoy it. On top of that, you need a little patience. But if you put in the time and follow a few easy guidelines, you’ll love them.

I picked up this pair recently from Cadence Collection and thought I would share a few tips:

First, you should know that raw denim hasn’t gone through a washing process. It doesn’t have those little creases or signs of wear. The first time you put them on they’ll feel rough and a little uncomfortable. But the amazing thing is that over time your body will stretch and break in the denim in all the right places. You’ll have jeans that are custom formed to you. Cool, right?

Second, perhaps the most important thing to know about raw denim ownership is that you do not wash them at the beginning. Ok don’t freak out. You can soak them and air dry them. You can Febreze them. You can stick them in the freezer over night to kill any smells. But really you shouldn’t wash them more than maybe a few times a year – but not for the first time until after about 5 months. And never dry them! This is all part of the amazing process of breaking them in.

Lastly, a few random pointers to keep in mind.

– Don’t fold your raw denim; this will just add extra creases that don’t come from your body actually breaking them in
– Raw denim will stretch; It’s okay if they’re a little tight and constricting at the start
– Be careful if you’re wiping away a spill or stain; if you’re too liberal with the spot scrubbing you might cause unintentional wear / discoloration

There you have it! You’re well on your way to owning one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans ever. I’m really excited to see how these ones get worn in.



The Essentials:
raw denim – Cadence Collection
sweatshirt – Uniqlo
shoes – Converse (similar)
ring – Miansai
watch – Komono

Cadence Raw Denim 2

Cadence Raw Denim 5

Cadence Raw Denim 6

Cadence Raw Denim 7

Cadence Raw Denim 4

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