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Prelude: National Dog Day

National Dog Day

Tomorrow is National Dog Day! I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to start celebrating man’s best friend so consider this a little pre-holiday teaser.

To honor my dog, Grace, on the eve of this oh-so-important celebration, I’m donning one of my fave pins – this little setter. Is it a setter? Let’s go with that.

I picked this up recently during my trip to Nashville (which I did a little travel diary for w/ some recommendations in this post.)

Lapel pins are awesome because you can add them to a jacket in a classy way like this; or you can add several to a more casual / edgy one like a motorcycle jacket. Either way, they add a special detail that can be a conversation starter without being too over the top.

I never want to be the guy who you spot from across the room because I’m wearing something insane. But if, as we’re talking in close proximity, you pick up on a cool detail like leather trim on a shirt’s buttonhole or a quirky pin on my lapel, mission accomplished. It’s those little details that I love love love.

Scotch & Soda generally does an amazing job with subtle details like that. They’re having an amazing end of summer sale now (50% off) so check ‘em out.

Sadly I got this pin at a vintage store so I can’t give you a direct link. But check out accessories like this at your fave store!

Happy National Dog Day (tomorrow)!!


National Dog Day

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