Pre-Fall Grievance Sandwich

Floral Embroidery Men's Fashion Fall

I am overrun with emotions right now. On one hand I’m so excited that it seems like the worst of summer has passed. I can actually sleep through the night without sweating so hard that I’m desperate for a gatorade at 6am. And it’s been a few weeks since I’ve stood in front of the a/c for several minutes at a time while getting dressed in the morning.

So that’s lovely.

On the flip side, school is back in session; Which means a bajillion more people are on the road in LA. My commute has once again gone from tolerable to infuriating.

But since I like to deliver my grievances in what’s basically a bad news sandwich, here’s the top bread slice to this delectable entry: fall fashion is on its way back! I have lit-er-ally a hundred sweaters that’ve been so lonely and out of work for months.

Well get ready, sweaters! You’re back on the job!

Okay, Jason. Stop talking to your sweaters….

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m quite obsessed with the movement toward detail work and embroidery.

This shirt is a recent fave (which by the way is from the Asos Tall Men’s Collection and is one of like three shirts I own that has sleeves actually long enough to reach my wrists!!!).

But I hear you asking, “When I think of embroidery I think of flowers and fruit and flamingos. How do you get those fun details outside of summer?” Go for those fall olive tones and a darker embroidery. The details on the chest of this shirt definitely feel more fall (or nighttime) than pool party. I dig it.

Bye, summer! It’s been real!


Floral Embroidery Men's Fashion Fall

Floral Embroidery Men's Fashion Fall

Floral Embroidery Men's Fashion Fall

Floral Embroidery Men's Fashion Fall

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