Pour Me

This past weekend I was up in Paso Robles (about 3 hours north of LA) once again for some wine tasting. I think it’s now fair to say that one of my official hobbies is definitely wine tasting. Day drinking is a hobby, right?

Luckily my friends at Cork Pops hooked me up with this VinoIce wine chiller so that upon returning home with my bountiful collection of vino, I’d be ready to pour!

This little guy is perfect to put a chill on a red or else keep a nice white or rosé (heeeyyyy) cool.

The core of the silver probey looking part that goes into the bottle chills down super quickly when you stick it in the freezer (or a bucket of ice) and the gravity pour lid opens automatically as you tilt to pour … in other words, it’s sweet – and enables your very classy hobby of day drinking. I mean… wine tasting.

Now the question is which bottle do I open first…





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