Pi Day 2

Hi nerds!
Do you know what today is? Well it’s just the most special day this century to those mathematicians and dessert fans among us.

It’s Pi Day!

I cant claim to be a math whiz; Far from it. But I do love me some good ol’ fashioned apple pie. Well… all desserts really.

Today’s special because it’s 3/14… or the start of the infinite number represented by the Greek letter π that mathematically represents the ratio of a circumference of a circle to its diameter – which is constant at 3.14159… all the way to infinity.

Have I lost you?

Hang in there! I promise there’s pie coming!

Today at 9:26:53 will be the only time this century when the first ten digits of pi will be represented: 3.141592653.

So let’s celebrate (there’s always a reason to!) with some breakfast pie! AKA an apple tart?

I cheated and went to Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose for some single serve apple pies with a brandy glaze. YUM!

Happy Pi / Pie Day of the Century!


Pi Day

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