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I’m in paradise (AKA Oahu, Hawaii) this week and I’m like an ADD-afflicted child running around the resort with my camera. There’s so much to take in! The waves! The surfers! The flora! The fauna! The mai tais!

Turtle Bay Resort 11

Turtle Bay Resort 6

Turtle Bay Resort 5

Turtle Bay Resort 7

Our first day here was our “let’s make a plan” day. We grabbed some snacks, loaded up our beach totes, and headed to the pool. After compiling our list of “must sees,” It’s going to be a pretty solid week.

And I have to say, I felt awkward for about 5 seconds when I first left our hotel room with a beach tote on my shoulder. “Will people think this is a purse?” I thought to myself… And then I said aloud, “Ah fuck it. I like it.”

So there you have it.

One year wiser and I’ve learned not to give an F what people think about my carryall choices. If it holds my stuff and I like how it looks, call it a tote or a bag or a man purse… I call it stylin’.


The Essentials:
tote – Southern Field Industries (similar)
board shorts – Katin
flip flops – Havaianas
chambray button-down

Turtle Bay Resort 4

Turtle Bay Resort 8

Turtle Bay Resort 3

Turtle Bay Resort

Turtle Bay Resort 12

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