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Sundays are always my day to slow down and run errands. I’m sure you can relate to the joy of grabbing a late morning coffee and wandering through the local farmers market. There’s something so energizing about taking in all the sights, sounds and smells. Or maybe that’s the caffeine coursing through my veins…

Either way, I love the ritual of it and it also feels great to support local farmers and artisans who are experts at their craft.

In the digital age, you can also shop “local” and uncover treasures galore from smaller brands – like my new friends at Son of a Sailor. I stumbled across their lovely goods recently and am head over heals for their aesthetic. From jewelry to housewares, this husband and wife duo produce some of the most beautiful products you will ever lay your eyes on.

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I got a new car recently so I went straight to Son of a Sailor to see what key chains they might have. This little number is absolutely perfect.

After your errands tomorrow, don’t forget that you can shop “local” online and stop by Son of a Sailor for that special little something for yourself. It’s been a long week – you deserve it. :)



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