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National Eye Exam Month

Classic Specs, Warby Parker, Luxottica, Eye

It’s National Eye Exam Month so I’m taking it upon myself to remind you to schedule that annual optometrist appointment.

My mom always told me when I was younger that getting your eyes checked regularly is not optional. You only have two eyes. So take care of them!

I also happen to love going because it usually inspires me to get some new frames. I’m sure you’ve heard of and have maybe even tried out Warby Parker. I’m fully supportive of alternatives to $600 frames from Luxottica. Do you know about the Luxottica monopoly? Here’s a little light reading if you’re curious – Forbes: Luxottica. But just in case you also want an alternative to Warby, I’ve been a fan of Classic Specs for a few years.

I should add – I’m not being paid or gifted in any way for this post. I’m just a fan of the brand and have a few pairs of their eyeglasses and sunglasses that I love.

They’ll ship you several frames for free to try on at home – which is super helpful.

At $89, I’m also not going to lose my shit when I inevitably sit on a pair in my car or leave them at the movie theater.

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Classic Specs, Warby Parker, Luxottica

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