Nashville: Travel Diary

Hey y’all! I was in Nashville recently for one of my absolute favorite human’s bachelorette weekends. It was delightful so I thought I’d share a couple of highlights in case you ever find yourself in Music City.

First of all, we stayed in a cute little Airbnb which I would definitely do again. Ubering everywhere was easy and getting around the city was never more than 10-15 mins in the car.

We kicked off our first night with a Sprocket Rocket bike tour – one of those mobile bar thingies where you blast music, drink, and pedal around the city. We had a bartender pouring beer and a driver who took us around Broadway – a can’t miss. It’s honkey-tonk central with bars and live music galore. We actually went to Broadway again a few nights later because there’s sooooo much good music (and people watching).

Layla's Nashville

The next day we did some wine tasting, whiskey tasting, and beer…. drinking. We had a lovely little private tasting room for the wine part of the day at Grinder’s Switch Winery. The wine was on the sweet side – which, as our sommelier told us, is pretty standard for the south – so if that’s not your thing, the winery is a part of Marathon Village. Housed in an old automotive factory, this seemingly unending row of shops, tasting rooms and cafes is the perrrrrrfect place to do a little drunk shopping. I may or may not have bought all of the t-shirts. And a large candle that may have caused airport security to double search my carry-on bag. Whoops.

Okay, okay. Get to the good stuff.

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