Moody Python

Mercury is apparently in retrograde until October 9th – that little bastard. So I’m going to blame all of my problems and emotional woes on that tiny planet 48 million miles away.

I’ve had a bad mood hanging on my coattails for days now. I roll my eyes and pray for it to stop but alas, I’m stuck with it.

To cope, and because it matches my emotional state, I’m dressed in all black. Oh except for these sweet python slip-ons. Because like a snake, I’m ready to shed this emotional baggage-laden skin and start fresh.

C’mon Mercury! Turn it around!

Please and thank you,


The Essentials:
Henley – Faces Apparel
Dark slim denim – Asos
Python Slip-Ons – Asos
Longline Sweater – Asos

Python 1

Python 3

Python 2

Python 5

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