So you know how there’s basically some kind of holiday every day of the year? As in yesterday was National Pizza Party Day? And today is National Sea Monkey Day? By the way… those are both real things… Well today, May 16th, is National Mimosa Day! That’s one that I can get behind! No offense to all you sea monkeys out there…

Unfortunately for me, I am out of orange juice. Haha – so I’m going to match your mimosa and raise you one “Maui-jito” – I don’t play poker but did that work? Aw who cares. Let’s make a drink.

For this one you’ll need:
~ fresh mint
~ a lime
~ 1/2 tsp Maui Brand turbinado sugar (natural cane sugar grown in Hawaii, homies)
~ 2 oz. pineapple juice
~ 2 oz. coconut rum
~ ice

To begin, place a few mint sprigs in the bottom of your glass. Squeeze half a lime over the mint and add your secret ingredient – the Maui Brand cane sugar. Muddle these ingredients and then add the ice, pineapple juice, and rum. Stir and enjoy!

This may have nothing to do with National Mimosa Day, but it’s a random holiday anyway – and now you have a delicious drink to enjoy! So happy Maui-jito Day! Now it’s a thing!


Maui Brand Sugar 1

Maui Brand Sugar 3

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