Classy Sh*t

“Manly Flowers” Pt. 1

Okay this may sound bizarre but bear with me; Flowers can be manly.

I know the first image that might come to mind when you hear “flowers” is a blonde, pig-tailed Heidi frolicking through a Swiss meadow and gathering wild flowers in her dainty basket.

Well, there’s that.  But I would argue that any guy capable of basic adult functions (brushing your teeth, having people over for dinner, doing your taxes, etc.) is also capable of stepping up his living situation.

Flowers at Trader Joe’s are $4.99 for a bunch.  Pick up a fresh set every weekend and throw them into a water glass, beer mug, vase – whatever you have handy.  You will enjoy the fresh, classy vibe of having fresh-cut flowers – not to mention you will instantly impress anyone you have over.

I guarantee that this little habit will elevate you from “yeah he’s an alright guy, I guess” status to “woah, he is one class act.”

Just one rule of thumb:  Keep it simple.  Avoid the mix ‘n match bouquet of seasonal blooms in the “manager’s special” bin at Ralph’s.  Stick with one type of flower in a solid, earthy color.

Manly Flowers

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