Made of Money (Not)

You know in that movie Inside Out when the sad blue Care Bear and the Parks & Rec goddess and my girl Mindy are all at odds in that little girl’s head? Well all of the color-coded emotions in my head are saying the same thing right now: “What do you think? That you’re made of money??”

I was up in the mountains weekend before last and did some damage whilst shopping. It’s just common knowledge, though, that you should not drunk shop. Unless you’re me. In which case you end up with an unhappy credit card.

Well call it a mixed blessing because I got some good stuff.

Numero uno on my list right now is transitional clothes that I can wear now while the sun is assaulting my soul – but also wear into late fall when i start to remember what it’s like to not drip sweat all day long.

I’m going with my “buy clothes with holes in them” motto – like a light sweater full of holes perfect to stay cool in but sturdy enough to become a layering piece.

Oh – and don’t forget to sneer at anyone who tells you that you can’t wear white shoes after labor day. You can. #ISaidSo


The Essentials:
perforated sweater – similar
dark denim – similar






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