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Katin Hawaii 2

Last week was a rough one. On top of more stitches (my dermatologist is slicing me up to make sure skin cancer isn’t in my future) and a tough time at work, I got into my first ever car wreck. Nobody was hurt – so that’s good. But all of this heavy, depressing, negative energy made me want to cry mercy.

So what do you do when you’re drowning?

You grab a life jacket.

And for me, that means something to look forward to. A light at the end of the tunnel.

And what am I looking forward to right now? Well I have a big birthday coming up so I’m planning a little getaway to Hawaii. In less than two months I will be on the beach – skin cancer free, not checking work email, and far away from LA traffic. I can’t wait!!

Katin Hawaii

A tropical getaway obviously calls for new bathing suits – which is always the best thing to do in February, right? Who doesn’t love trying on bathing suits after months of winter hibernation leaves you pasty and flabby? Fun!

Well luckily Katin hooked me up with some great options to get me ready for my Hawaiian adventures – which can’t come soon enough.


The Essentials:
board shorts – Katin
slip-ons – Rivieras

Katin Hawaii 3

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